Food Storage Instruction and Some Inspiration

As we sit here, watching the snow fall outside and hoping we don’t get as much as the weatherman says we will (up to a foot by noon tomorrow!), my mind turns again to is still focused on food storage.

I stopped by the local grocery this afternoon to pick up a gallon of milk and a loaf of bread, and the place was packed with people doing the same.   I thought of the saying that a grocery store only has two days’ worth of food in it, and knew that a run on it like today would deplete it faster than that.

I have found some interesting videos on YouTube this week to help with long term storage. 

These guys are far from professional, but they get the information across.  It’s a three part series, and goes automatically from one to the next (if you really want to watch it all).

This one is from the same people and shows how to seal the mylar bags with your clothes iron.  His method ends up with a really neat seal, but I wonder why he does it so far in from the edge.  I would probably seal it a little farther out so the bag could be used several more times.

In the past I stored grains in buckets with no liners; many years later the grain is still good.  What has changed that now everyone is using the mylar?  Is it just that it is now available and wasn’t before, and gives you an extra layer of confidence in storage?  Any advice would be appreciated.

The following video is on dehydrating and storing food long term; it’s a five part series and has links at the end of each one to follow to the next.

I began dehydrating food years ago, but never got beyond dried fruits and fruit leathers.  This series really opened my mind to all the possibilities. The idea of storing large amounts of food in small amounts of space is really appealing, so I just may borrow my dehydrator back from Katie.

Tomorrow will be a good day to stay in and maybe watch some more videos or order some mylar bags off the Internet.  The snow is supposed to continue till late morning, and I know our road crew isn’t even going to try plowing till about 7:00 a.m. – there will be so much snow they won’t be able to see where they are going until it’s light.  They were out for several hours this evening but can’t keep plowing all night.  It is going to be a mess out there tomorrow.

A cup of cocoa and the computer and life will be good.


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